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Monday, February 1, 2010


February 02nd, every year, is observed as the World Wetlands Day. On this day, let us all remember all those small and big water bodies (marshes, lakes, rivers, ponds, oceans, deltas) that we all have seen, enjoyed, appreciated and ALSO abused directly or indirectly by throwing trash, letting off untreated sewage & effluents, hacking precious mangroves, actively helping in erosion of banks by illegal sand mining, adding to heavy metal pollution by immersing lakhs of idols to satisfy our religious sentiments, illegally drawing of water for agriculture, letting off unburnt corpses in the sacred Ganges and, last but not the least, destroying catchment forests that harvest and nurture the freshwater wetlands that provide us with drinking water.

Wetlands are precious ecosystems. Please do YOUR bit to preserve these breeding grounds for scores of species and play vital role in water storage, groundwater recharge, protection from storms, flood mitigation, shoreline stabilization, erosion control and retention of nutrients.

Save our WETLANDS!

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